About Us


Here in The OC (the Mecca of vaping), the Vape Shop Pros' staff is exposed to the industry's latest and greatest. If it's vape-related, it's more than likely sold or branded in The OC. We love what we do and always will.

Some of the shops have won awards for being The OC's best! That being said, we are always striving to be better at what we do. VSP is very knowledgeable with big brand names and knowing what is cutting-edge. We are always looking for brands/items that bring value to the industry.

With our far-reaching connections in and outside of North America, you can be sure to get an excellent product for the right price! We're here for the long haul - stay a while on the site, see what's new, ask us anything!

VapeSpecialists.com is a wholesale website. In order to open up an account, you must provide a business license, tobacco license, and EIN number. Do not apply for an account if you are an individual without licensing.