DripFire BlowSauce | Grape Dust(Grape Pixee) - Nic Salt eJuice (30ml)


DripFire's BlowSauce Grape Dust(Grape Pixee) Nic Salt Edition

Pixee Sticks, a hallmark candy of anyone's childhood. Sweet fruit and sour candy flavors that evoke the taste of the real thing and transport back in time!

This salted edition is made with a 4.5% formulation of nicotine salt and is ONLY for pod-type systems like the Suorin Air, Vagon, iShare and Drop. *We do not recommend that it be vaped with a RDA or sub-ohm tanks*
Freebase juices are centered around flavor. Nic salts are more geared towards nicotine concentration (higher dose of nicotine than that of freebase thus giving nic-salt based juices less flavor).
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